Land Rover is a car many people use to tow a trailer with and is considered one of the best cars to tow a trailer with.

But unfortunately the cars have a problem with the removable towbar.

Land Rover is aware of the problem and has had a recall on cars to get this fixed.

The fasteners are also very easy to steal and it only takes a couple of minutes even if they are locked and they are very expensive to replace.

If you have a removable attachment, you may want to consider fitting a security plate whether you are towing a trailer or want to prevent the attachment from being stolen.

The plate is supplied with the necessary fixing material.

This safety plate is attached around the hanger hook and tightened with 2xM12 bolts. One bolt gets an eye nut so you have a place to attach safety cables to the hanger.

The plate is cut out of mild steel and has a graded edge towards the hanger hook and is painted black.

The plate is delivered as in the pictures, without any kind of approval or guarantee and is used at your own risk.

Weight 0.8 kg
Sikkerhetsplate til Land Rover Discovery 3/4 og RR sport.

kr650.00 Ink MVA

Sikkerhetsplate for montering på Land Rover Discovery 3/4.

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